We have been working with some great clients of late, helping them back to a better state of health and wellness. From Aston Villa players, professional ballet dancers and hard core mountain runners to keen golfer and tennis players, even people returning to the basics of function following an accident.

Many of our recent injuries are the result of legacy imbalances, caused years ago from an old and often forgotten about minor injury. When treating an injury, our first aim is to source the origin of the complaint. Whilst a shoulder injury, maybe a pain in the neck, it’s cause may be rooted in an old injury in the lower limb. On occasion, we have established that a current injury is the result of an older injury some 20 years prior! This injury having set a series of muscular deviations and imbalances to sequence, can create a shift of function through what we call the Zero Line, bringing with it weakness and negative loading, thus resulting in a brand new injury.
By establishing the root cause of injury and then treating it alongside any new issue, has always brought far greater results and continued performance, without the constant niggles that bring so many careers and active lifestyles to a premature end.
Food for thought.

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