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Elite Injury Solutions is the first stop for the treatment and rehabilitation of chronic and performance hindering injuries.


Elite Injury Solutions

Elite’s core team comprises a highly experienced biomechanics and soft tissue specialist and a physical trainer with high competency in injury rehabilitation and recovery for performance.

We work as a treatment team to recover injuries and produce strategies for long term prevention of further issues. Physical and postural assessment specialist, soft tissue treatment and structural reintegration, sports massage, muscular balancing, improving range of motion and joint function, specific strengthening, muscular rehabilitation and strengthening and body balance development are all a part of the Elite approach to injury recovery, prevention and management.

Our team of practitioners extend beyond the core team, with our ability to refer complex issues and diagnosis to some of the country’s most accomplished physiotherapists, osteopaths, doctors and health practitioners.

Our extended team includes, Olympic support team members, private doctors and surgeons, strength and conditioning coaches and sports psychologists.

Our Concept

It’s Simple

To get our clients back to the activities they love to do, as safely and strategically as possible. To repair and rehabilitate soft tissue injuries and/or the biomechanical deviations that occur from strains, sprains and impacts to restore balance and functionality to the body. To not only recover a body from its trauma, but to put in place an appropriate programme of physical conditioning and muscular strengthening to prevent further injury and maintain the body’s natural postural alignment and structural balance. To help our clients develop an awareness of physical necessities and a personal culture of optimal individual performance by moving them beyond legacy niggles, pain and fear of injury into higher levels of personal health and wellbeing. To increase range of motion and mobility, whilst maintaining stability and structural strength.

The Zero Line

The point from which degrees of deviation occur

Human form and function has been our fascination for decades. Whilst ‘No Body’ is perfect, striving to achieve body balance is an enormously important part of creating an injury free status. Trained eyes and experience can easily spot where imbalance, degrees of misalignment and a loss of functionality are apparent. The body’s tensions, connective structures and activity levels then guide to the source of any injury, establishing the problem and the course of treatment required. Muscles of the body can only ‘pull’. These forces give us function, locomotion, stability and strength. If these structures are imbalanced or not functioning correctly, then the Zero Line is lost creating further deviation and possible cause of pain and injury.


We will be honest and pragmatic. If your injury is better served elsewhere, we shall tell you so. We will be committed to the repair and recovery of any injury and guide you to the very best of our knowledge and abilities to your individual ultimate state of physical best.

The Core Team



Phil is a soft tissue injury specialist and co-founder of Elite. 30 years in private practice and a consultant to the Birmingham Royal Ballet for over 25 years, he knows a thing or two about getting people back from injury and into high performance shape. Phil has worked with professional footballers, martial artists, racket sports professionals, horse riders and ballroom dancers.

Phil has worked on Harley Street in support of West End performers and has practiced his art of body balance perfection across the world, from Japan to Australia.

But it’s not just athletes that Phil has helped, in private practice he has helped people from all walks of life recover from road traffic accidents, falls and impacts as well as accidental injuries from daily activities.

Phil is a keen golfer, mountain biker, loves to hit the gym and enjoys spending time with the family.

“Having spent my life, surrounded by performers, trying to achieve a sense of perfection in form, aesthetic and function. I have applied the same philosophy to my treatment of injury. Each body is different and can be a canvas of perfection, if you see it as a portrait of that person at their very best. If a person’s body is mechanically sound, and functionally perfect, it should be devoid of pain and injuries. I see my style of soft tissue body work as an art form in its own right. I’ve been privileged to be a part of so many amazing recoveries, leading to more fulfilling lives and performances.”

Phil Birch



Darryl is a health and fitness practitioner with over 30 years in physical conditioning and performance improvement. Whether working with athletes or simply getting people back to health and a better physical living state, he prides himself on a patient and strategic approach to rehabilitation and maintenance, taking time to support a long term vision, rather than any quick fix methodology.

Darryl is an elite performance trainer, with a speciality in postural assessment and injury rehabilitation, a high performing martial arts practitioner and coach and has worked in the film and gaming industries as a stunt performer and choreographer. So he knows, first hand, a thing or two about injury recovery!

In addition to being the co-founder of Elite, Darryl continues to practice his personal martial arts and coaches many aspiring high level practitioners.

Darryl is a keen traveller, enjoying road trips and biking, particularly in the USA.

“As a lifelong athlete, I’ve had my fair share of injuries and surgeries. Everyone over their lifetime, athlete or not, can from time to time get a debilitating injury, limiting their ability to perform, either at a desired level or sometimes even simple daily tasks. I’ve always been passionate about getting back to the stuff I love to do as soon as possible and thus putting in place, rebuild strategies and contingencies to avoid further injuries and set backs. This is the approach I bring to Elite, to help people get back on their game as soon and as safely as possible”

Darryl Canham

How we Work

A strategic approach to recovery

Your treatment begins with a pragmatic assessment of the injury. The consultation will go through both the event of the injury and any physical history that may be relevant for diagnosis. The injury site and your body will be assessed and a specific recovery plan can then be recommended.

It is at this point that, if the issue appears to be more serious or a more in depth diagnosis is required, you can be referred to another specialist from the extended team or simply back to your own GP.

For optimum results, we believe that it is important that the injury management takes a systematic approach. Where, as a team, both client and Elite work together to improve the injury and a specific course of treatment and a rehabilitation plan are followed.

Obviously, all injuries are as individual as the people who have them and bespoke programmes of recovery and maintenance are developed in accordance to requirements. Working with the human body, we take a holistic approach to ensure that the road back to health and function is a safe and quick one and that the Elite team is exactly that, a team working together systematically to maximise each and every treatment session for the betterment of the client.

The treatments are hands on and the rehabilitation and maintenance sessions are exercise based, and developed to be appropriate to the individual.

7 Step Approach

Our Methodology


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